What's next for you and Ramon?

Coal is not always black.

How's it going lately?


Moore seems generous.

He has a son of your age.

He was born in the eighties.

Maurice and I haven't seen each other for a long time.

I have some pictures that I think that you might be interested in seeing.

She agreed with him on what to do with the old car.

Kitty sat with some of his teammates on the bench.

Did you speak with Kemal?

Triantaphyllos forgot to take his medication this morning.

Victor has the most clothes of all her friends.

Some politicians never make good on campaign promises.

We'll take this.

Can't I stay here with you?

Who else might it have been?

Her scream brought the police.

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I have served you all these years and you never gave me so much as a hard crust, but the dear children gave me their own loaf of bread.


Bucky's car was intercepted by a group of rebels.

Teachers shouldn't fall back on their authority.

Don't call me an idiot!

There's nothing more delicious than a seafood casserole.

Laura changes his passwords often.

Can you elaborate on that?

It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the publick to be the most anxious for its welfare.

I have decided to release all my English sentences, including this one.

This is a bus which goes to Tokyo.

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You don't need to answer this question.


Thank you for granting me permission.

There are plans to build a power plant right here.

I don't care what the regulations say.

As the train pulled out, they waved goodbye to their parents.

Its long neck resembles that of a horse.


I've got a 38.9 degree fever.

Ah! What nice weather!

I refuse to herd geese any longer with that girl.


Everything's better.


Were you and Becky together for a long time?

There's nothing more to say.

The music is too loud.

I lost interest in collecting stamps.

They're the right ones.

Bret's impossible.

I almost forgot to do that.

You're driving me nuts.

Bjorne prepares food in front of the customers in his restaurant, Spudboy's tavern, that's known throughout the city.

I don't think anyone suspected you weren't Drew.

She has married a nobody.

They're not examples.

Horst is a scrawny kid.

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Is there something troubling you?


Thank you, I understand everything.

You're just not the person I thought you were.

"I can't stand my sister's kids." "But they're so cute!"

She is always young.

Please do it using what you think is the best method.

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I can't concentrate on that problem right now.

The waiter helped the lady with the chair.

Murray is a good guy.


It was my responsibility.

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How far is it from Boston to Chicago?

It's a thing women already know.

Jarvis doesn't look happy to see Herve.


It is hot today.

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Has this happened often?

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That would be nice.

What do you believe of "pelmeni"? No, I don't know such word.

Mr Smith gave a lecture on literature.

That is a custom proper to Japan.

I know you must be frightened.

Kazuo is an ambitious young man.

I'll come as soon as ever I can.

I come in peace.

Let's bake a birthday cake.


How's Rhonda's mood today?

Not all criminals should go to jail.

Paul likes the ocean.


Let f be the canonical map.


I have some information regarding this.

This job eats money.

I was going to wait till Swamy got here.

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Tell Sridhar it was a mistake.


How long did it take you to learn French this well?

I like him, but I'm too shy to talk to him.

My girlfriend is very jealous.


Don't let your emotions rule you. Be calm!

There's nothing else left to be done.

Liz put down the book he was reading.

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I didn't give her anything.

Their support for him cooled.

I have never been to England.

Human tissue is made up of cells.

Give him a day or two.

Want to come over to my place for pancakes?

I'm feeling very confident.

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This book is suitable for general readers.


The police didn't arrest Kyle.

Thanks for saving my life.

Ask her to explain it.

It meant nothing.

I'm not following you.

I go where I please.

You wouldn't like her.

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Dan was reassigned to work at the sales department.

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Pratap got out of the car on the passenger side.

You're in the good spot.

She has a small house.

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That looks like it would be fun to do.

The workers pushed for a raise in salary.

What did you do with that?

I've got ID.

She resembles her aunt.


All interactions involve the use of some kind of turn-taking organization.


Your success excites my envy.

I never eat before breakfast.

I can't do as much as I used to.


I don't remember it at all.


You will get fat if you eat too much.

Maybe we should wait a little longer.

There's no denying that I'm attracted to you.

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However you do it, the result will be the same.

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I just thought it might buy me some time.

The task absorbed all his energies.

Krzysztof is going to regret it.

Izchak wants to have a balanced lifestyle.

I speak seriously.

What would you say if I told you I was quitting?

From here, it's about three kilometers to the coast.

The ocean's blueness comes from the same atmospheric conditions that make the sky blue.

It goes without saying that he's the best person for the job.

Why can't Owen stay here?

How could I possibly forget about the task that you've entrusted to me?


How is it going?

There's a mistake in the bill.

Look over the contract well, before you sign it.

Ram is very rude, isn't he?

Eva is a year older than Debbie.

I'm investigating the options.

Try not to disappoint me.


As the night wore on and Nora drank more and more, his jokes got progressively smuttier.

What should we do with these holey socks?

Saul couldn't tell one twin from the other.

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Neither motorcyclist was wearing a helmet.

I have no idea what he has in mind, rejecting such a favorable proposal.

That's not so bad.

I want all the information you have.

Betty drives fast.

He is kind and gentle, and what is better still, honest.

You might find it useful.

There is violence and chaos in the streets.

Spanish and Portuguese are very similar languages.

Sjaak and Jarmo rarely go out together.

I didn't know how to react.

You don't need to lie.

He's a yes-man.

Today I passed a person on the street wearing a refreshing fragrance.

The cost will run into thousands of dollars.

A robot can do more work than a man can.

You'd better not plan on it.

The group left early in 1791.

Simon stole a lot of money from Donal.